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Why Would You Meditate?

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a practice designed to alleviate psychological suffering.

It’s meant to help you step ‘out’ of the center of troubling thoughts and emotions to observe them from the outside in an objective, accepting way. This ‘stepping out’ makes it easier to choose what to do in response to a thought or emotion. Rather than engaging in a rehearsed habitual response, you can make a different choice. For example:

Rather than throw my head back and yell ‘what the actual….’ after overthrowing a base, I can choose to keep my composure in front of scouts and coaches, then focus on what to do next time in order to fix that overthrow.

Below is a short exercise that introduces you to mindfulness meditation. Try it and see how things shift for you in 5 minutes:

How long to see results?

Practicing daily (go ahead and keep that exercise) for two weeks, many clients noticed differences in their game. In clinical studies using mindfulness-based stress reduction participants exhibited changes in brain activity that lasted for 3 months after leaving the program (Germer, Siegal, Fulton, 2016).

When you’d like to learn skills that help you ‘step out’ of difficult thoughts and emotions to play your game the way you really want, please reach out to me with a quick note.


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