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First Minute With Mike

In case you missed the Minute with Mike on social media or prefer not to use Twitter and Instagram, here's what we covered!

My name’s Mike Stacey. I’m a mental skills coach. People like me help athletes strengthen their mental game. This can include managing pregame anxiety, building confidence, staying motivated, retiring from sport smoothly, transitioning to a new level of play or team, bouncing back from injuries, learning leadership and communication skills, and enhancing focus. I’m a proud member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, which also provides a lot of information for athletes, coaches, and parents at their website. While I’m working toward credentialing, Certified Mental Performance Consultants can be found through the Association’s ‘Find a Consultant’ tool. Or, you can always contact CMPCs or people like me directly. Check out my other posts and see if you like what’s all there!



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